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3 Pillars M.B.S.

Removing mental barriers to achieve physical results!

3 Pillars is not just the name of our business, but the principles that guide how we live! We are concerned with connection, communication, and community. It is more than training it’s a lifestyle. Here at 3 Pillars M.B.S. we understand that nothing in life changes until you do. We take pride in not just the increase in reps, weight lifted, and miles ran; but the mental milestones that must be conquered along the way. Our aim is to help you develop the mental toughness, self-belief and physical strength to do and be who you were meant to be. Come Find out what it means to have a Strong Mind and Hard Body!

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John Waters

CEO and Fitness Coach

" Fitness is more than just lifting weights and going for a run. It has been a baseline for me to transform myself when all else has been lost. 3 Pillars isn’t just a name or a catch phrase; it stands for all the things I’ve had to work on in order to recreate my lifestyle. One thing I did not expect from this journey was for my clients to change me. Once I realized that sharing my success with my clients made such a positive impact, I decided that I wanted to do this forever."

Danielle Mathews

Administrative Assistant

" I started with 3 Pillars initially as a support role, but the  the longer I am with this company the more I understand the purpose of it's three Pillars "Mind, Body, Spirit" I believe in the brand and I believe in the message!

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Customizable Training packages

Full 3P Effect (1-on-1 Training)

(Starting at)  $200.00

Billed monthly

Individual customized training:
*Nutrition Consultations
*Monthly Progress Check

3P Express (Mobile Training Northern Kentucky only)

(Starting at)  $260.00

Billed monthly

We bring the Training To you:
*Nutrition Consultations
*Monthly progress Check
*Option to have guest train

3Pillas Virtual Training

(Starting at) $85.00

Billed annually

Never miss a workout:
*Nutrition Consultations
*Weekly Check ins

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Here is what our clients have to say about us!

If you live near by, or want online personal training, this is who i use. John is super easy to work with and will help you meet your goal!

Carl Sher

John is great to work with. He pushes you to your limit but keeps you positive the whole time. He modifies workouts for you and does all he can to help you improve. I love the difference I’m seeing in my body in 2 months. Even though one of the months was training done virtually due to COVID, John kept me motivated. I highly recommend John to anyone looking to work with a personal trainer.

Natasha Morgan


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